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We are a mulch supply company and can arrange for our products delivered to your driveway. If you would like to have our mulch installed at your property, please click on this link for a list of our preferred contractors. One of these companies can arrange to install our mulch at your property.

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$44.00/ cu.yd.

Premium Oak Bark Mulch:

Made from one tree "Red Oak" and primarily the "Bark" of the tree not the "Wood". It is a triple shredded product, dark brown/auburn tint in color, quick to decompose and provides excellent soil amendment. Since our first day of operation till now it has always been our best selling product. This is the choice of landscape professionals.

$46.00/ cu.yd.

Screened Oak Bark Fines:

The Oak Bark Mulch is passed over a shaker screen and only the smallest pieces that fall through the screen comprise this material. The resulting mulch is extremely fine in texture. Of all our mulches you can expect this one to decompose the quickest providing superb soil amendment.

$36.50/ cu.yd.

Walnut Brown Color Enhanced Hardwood Mulch:

This is a mixed hardwood, composted and colored. It is made from a variety of trees and the whole log is used so this mulch is primarily a "Wood" product rather than "Bark". It is made from virgin forest material and not recycled materials. "Wood" mulches decompose slower than "Bark" and because it has been colored it will retain the color far longer than non-colored materials.

* Availability is limited during the spring*

$30.00/ cu.yd.

Dark Hardwood Mulch:

Same raw material as our Colored "Walnut" product...just not colored. It is dark brown from the composting and makes an excellent economical ground cover.

$34.00/ cu.yd.

Play Mat:

This is a "Chipped" not "Shredded" mulch. It is light brown in color, slow to decompose and certified for use in playgrounds.

$46.00/ cu.yd.

Shredded Cedar:

Cedar is a golden/orange color. It is very slow to decompose and is a natural insect repellant. Our cedar is a combination of the "Wood" and "Bark".

$38.00/ cu.yd.

Color Enhanced Mulch (Red, Gold or Black):

Made from recycled shipping pallets and construction scrap lumber materials, this mulch make great use of material that would otherwise end up in landfills. It holds color for the season, is consistently sized and is slow to decompose.

$36.00/ cu.yd.

Mushroom Compost:
This product is composted horse manure and horse stall bedding. It is an awesome soil enhancer. Use it in vegetable gardens and landscape beds.

$44.00/ cu.yd.

Blended Premium Bark Mulch and Mushroom Compost:

This is a 80/20 mix of our "Triple processed Premium Oak Bark" and "Mushroom Compost". We combine the products together at our facility prior to delivery.

$36.00/ cu.yd.

Pulverized Top Soil

$39.00/ cu.yd.

Torpedo Sand

$46.00/ cu.yd.

Garden Mix

(50% Topsoil, 25% Sand, 25% Mushroom Compost) We will custom blend if you wish

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We sell Mulch by the "Yard"... (Meaning Cubic Yard)

What is a (Cubic) yard?

The dimensions of a “Yard” are 3 feet high, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.   (About the size of a dish washer)

We bring this up because we wish to be “Good neighbors".  There are some individuals that will take advantage of others by charging for far more "Yardage” than is actually given.  Please view the  photo's of what delivered quantities placed on a typical 2 car wide driveway looks like.

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